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Fun Fair Hidden Alphabets
A wide variety of games came to the fun fair. Carousel, train, darts, find gifts etc. Each side is quite colorful and eye-catching. However, the part that really interests us is this: 26 letters were lost in the fair. We need to find this hidden alphabet. However, these letters are very skillfully hidden. Both the colors are compatible with the ground, and the shapes are quite similar to the background shapes. For this reason, if you get stuck in finding the letters, you can use your right to get hints. The overall aim of the game is to both entertain and inform.
Patterned Room Differences
We are in the patterned room. In this room , the screen is divided into left and right . We will look for 10 differences in these two separated screens. These differences are randomly distributed across both screens. In fact, the differences we will find are the objects inside the rooms. In a way, the hidden object game and the difference finder game are combined. There are 4 rooms in total. A helper in the form of a magnifying glass has been given to assist us.
Teal House
We are in the garden of a teal colored and well-kept house. When we enter the house from the garden, a total of 4 rooms welcome us. Each of these rooms is painted in different colors and no two are alike. But the only thing they look alike is that they're all very messy. You may not find every item you are looking for. We need help for this. For example, we can start the game by finding the objects at the top of the screen. In addition, 10 hidden numbers are hidden in the game. We must find all the lost objects as soon as possible and complete the game.
Meeting Room
Everything is in its place in the meeting room. Meeting table, armchairs, waiting chairs, slide screens etc. However, the rooms are filled with so many items that it is not possible to hold a successful meeting in this way. Our task is to find the extra items listed below and to get the meeting started. However, 10 numbers are still hidden in the meeting room. Again, we need to find these hidden numbers. We have a total of 4 meetings today and each meeting will be held in a different room. If you complete the section without making false clicks, you can get 5 stars.
Brick Room Differences
The house we are in is a brick house. Brick was used while designing all the rooms. That's why it adds an old home feel to the house. What we're going to do is pretty simple. Find 2 differences between the pictures given side by side. The total number of differences we will find is ten. The differences are distributed in the picture as left and right. We can easily find these differences with the help of a pointer. Thanks to its mobile compatibility, it can be played easily with any mobile device. There are 4 sections in total.
Violet House Hidden Numbers
We need to find 20 hidden numbers hidden inside our violet colored house. These numbers are prepared in 3D graphics and placed among other objects in the rooms. You should look carefully and make a good observation, as they are all in a compatible color with the objects. Finally, when we find all the numbers, you move on to another section. You also have the right to get hints at the point you get stuck. If you evaluate the time well, you can get 5 stars at the end of the episode. Rooms consist of living room, bedroom, study and kitchen. Since the atmosphere of each one is different, each episode gives a different excitement.
This time, something different is happening at the sports club we visit every day. The interior of the club was designed quite simply at other times. Sports equipment is not messy at all and other items are in their place. However, this time, the items were left randomly around and it was very messy. A big surprise awaits those who come to do sports. But with Our help, we can pull off this mess. We can also increase our score by finding some hidden letters. You can do sports and have fun with gymnastics equipment, table tennis, billiards, darts etc.
We tour the attic floors of all the houses in the neighborhood. When the homeowners toured the house, they mentioned that the lofts were very messy. Let's get rid of this confusion, we made a list and started to search for the items on this list in the attic. There are 10 items in our list. However, toys consisting of the letters of the word "ATTICHOUSE" are scattered throughout the house. We need to find them too. We also have the right to get 3 tips in the game, which consists of sections that master players will not have any difficulty with.
Toy Playset
We are in the toy set we bought as a gift. It consists of 4 floors in total. There are 2 different rooms on each floor and these rooms are next to each other. There are dozens of toys and household items in them. They are all colorful and beautiful. In addition, it is important not to forget the 10 letters hidden in the rooms. These letters are the letters of the word TOYPLAYSET. If you find a total of 10 and all of them, you have the right to get extra stars. If you have trouble finding all the objects or where you are stuck, you can get help by clicking the hint button.
Coral House
We are here with the newest game of the colorful house series we played before. In this game, we are in a coral colored house. The owners of the house kept the house a little messy. Many rooms are quite messy. Items are scattered aimlessly. This house has a very beautiful garden. However, our game takes place in the house, not in the garden. We will search for 10 lost objects in 4 different rooms. We will also try to find all the letters of the word CORALHOUSE in the house.
There are 4 bathrooms in this house. And each bathroom is full of stuff. The landlords did not show the necessary care to their homes. They are very messy. But we come to their rescue and find a solution to this mess. The first thing we need to do is find the 10 objects given at the bottom. Of course, we are in a hurry because time is very important. In addition, 10 'BATHROOMS?' We are trying to find the letters. In this way, we can earn extra points. However, if he gets a hint, unfortunately, our score will be a little low. Don't just look around for bathroom supplies. You can find every item you can think of here. Have a good time with unique 3D graphics.
In a big school, we walk around the classes one by one. We take an inventory of all items. However, the 4 classes we identified are quite dispersed compared to the others. These classes are special classes for students of all ages. Our task is to clear up this mess. What we need to do is find the 10 missing objects given in the list. There are also 10 "CLASSROOM?" We need to find the letters. These letters are scattered around different parts of the classroom. But we hope smart students like you will find them as soon as possible.
The biggest fun of children is to play games in the park. While playing games in the playground, they can also play sports by using the parking equipment. Activities such as slides, wooden stairs, jogging paths, sandboxes also have a positive effect on their development. In this game, we will find lost objects in the playground. These objects are sometimes behind the swing and sometimes on the branch of the tree. In addition, there are 10 hidden numbers in the playground. We must find them as soon as possible.
Old Room
We are in an old historical business inn. There are very old rooms in this business inn. Some of them are used as restaurants and study rooms. Sometimes we stay here when we get in the way. We have very different memories in these rooms. All have historical value. But sometimes we lose some of our belongings. Let's find these lost items together if you help. You can also help us find 10 missing numbers.
We made a reservation to eat at a famous restaurant. Restaurant turned out better than we expected. It had 4 different sections. Indoor, garden and barbecue sections. We stopped by all the departments, but we lost some of our belongings while eating. We have to find them right away. They also hid 10 letters in the place. They consist of the word ("RESTAURANT"). We must find them as soon as possible and finish the game.
Sticky Notes
Sticky notes occupy an important place in our daily life. In this way, we keep the notes we want to remember. Now, there are dozens of note papers in a room. Our aim is to find these papers as soon as possible. But the room is not what it seems at all. You are in a corporate office and the place is messy. We need to find a total of 10 hidden objects. If you hurry, you can get 5 stars.
Dart Room
We will search for hidden objects in rooms with lots of darts arrows. The furniture in the rooms are designed in 3D and all of them are colorful. Also a magnifying glass helps us in the game. In this way, we will be able to find objects easily. Again, we have the right to receive 3 aid. You can see all the points earned at the end of the game.
NumberSign 2
In a picture with very beautiful patterns, we will find both numbers and signs. However, these signs and numbers are well hidden inside the picture. The reason is that the picture is quite intense and there is a lot of detail. This makes it easier to hide. While finding the hidden numbers with the help of a magnifying glass, we must check the time. In this way, we can collect more points.
Messy Office
We are in an office where things are very busy. Employees are not very interested in the office since they are very busy. So it's pretty messy around. We have to recover this messy. However, we do not know where to start. Wait a minute. On the left side of the page, there are pictures and text to help us. Using them, we can find the desired item. We can find all the lost items using either the writing mode or the silhouette mode.
NumberSign 1
There are both hidden numbers and hidden signs in this game. The totals are 20 pieces. With the help of a magnifying glass, we need to find these missing objects as soon as possible. However, since the concept image is composed of mixed patterns, it can be a bit challenging to find signs especially. However, experienced players will overcome this. The total number of episodes is 4.
Businessman 4
Welcome to the most popular series of difference-finding games. The series continues with the fourth game. In this game, we will find the differences between 2 pictures. There are 5 episodes in total. We have the right to get 2 hints in each section. If we come to the content of the game, the pictures are a portrait picture of businessmen. In addition, detailed patterns have been added to the floor. In this way, the game gets a little difficult. However, the game becomes more fun.
Vegetables Hidden Alphabets
We are in front of the greengrocer section where there are delicious vegetables and fruits. The fruits that decorate the colorful countertops are dazzling. They hid the letters in these vegetables. Those who want to play find the letters that come out of these fruits. The quick one wins. It is an educational and educational game. We think it is ideal for those who are just starting to learn the alphabet.
Butterfly Differences
10 butterflies were hidden in 4 bedrooms of a house. Wandering in these rooms we will find these hidden butterflies. We will also try to find 10 differences between 2 pictures. All the chambers were invaded by butterflies. But finding these cute things is not hard at all. Since the rooms were decorated with wooden items, they were easily hidden. But skillful players like you will find these butterflies and their differences.
Kitchen Differences
I have been working in different cuisines for a long time. The most important feature of these kitchens is that each of them is carefully decorated. I will never forget what I have seen before. If there is something different in the second opinion, I immediately notice. But these kitchens are a little messy. There are serious differences between the kitchens I saw yesterday. There are an estimated 10 differences and 10 vases. I have to find them as soon as possible and visit the other kitchen.
Swan Differences
We are here with one of the best games of Difference games ever. This time, you will find the difference and look for bonus objects. So you will do 2 jobs at once. By finding a total of 10 swan pictures, you will complete the gap and earn extra points. While doing all this, the time will progress, but you should hurry. The graphics are quite colorful, the game is not difficult at all and of course it is mobile compatible. You can play easily without the need for a flash player.
Path to the Past
As a young adventurer, we investigate past events in the case we received. Thanks to our adventurous personality, we are having very active days. There are dozens of cases in this case that need to be investigated and uncovered. We need to go to the land where he was born and raised to help someone who wants to find his family. Of course, we need to pay attention to this journey and protect our belongings. When we find some clues on the way, we need to pick them up.
My New Home
We just moved into our new home. It has a very large garden. Surrounded by trees and various plants. The interior of the house is also elegantly furnished. Both useful and livable house. We're going to call the numbers stored in this house. A total of 10 missing numbers are scattered throughout the house. They are completely camouflaged. You can also find 10 butterflies and earn extra stars.
Forbidden Village
You have all heard the treasures of the hidden village. Legends about these treasures are circulating from language to language. Now we're taking you to a village like this. It's a miracle that hasn't been discovered before. The people of this village are not like other people. They're a little different. But that's not the point. Our main goal is to find the treasures in the village as soon as possible. But we don't know where to start yet. The oldest in the village said he'd lead us.
Super Sales
Can't wait to go to the newly opened mall. At a very large store, year-end discounts have begun. Everything can find buyers at a very affordable price. Color by color, pattern by pattern for dresses, shoes and bags. Everything you are looking for is in this shopping center. The interior of the store is very spacious. You can easily find every product you are looking for. But store security has mentioned that some products often disappear. Detectives appointed to investigate this matter had already reached the store.
Precious Treasure
We wanted to spend the weekend visiting a museum. We chose a very nice museum to visit. Historical furnishings, mystical objects and more were in this museum. Our visit was quite enjoyable. Everything was fine, but at the end of the visit an alarm started to sound correctly. The museum exits were closed. As far as we know, some of the items were lost in the museum. While security was searching everywhere, we found that lost belongings were in our room. So we started looking.
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