Businessman Differences 3 is new HTML5 spot the difference game by Cengiz Turk. We are together with the last of our favorite game. This game is also quite fun like the others. The game consists of 5 episodes. We are trying to find 7 differences in these parts. The game is not so hard. But he wants some attention. All you need to do is focus. This way you can finish the game. Good luck and have fun.
Detective Cengaver: Lost Artifact is free HTML5 point and click game by Cengiz Turk. It was clear yesterday that a artifact was missing in the city museum. Officials say this artifact is very valuable. In the researches; it turned out to be a work belonging to ancient times. Museum director: This artifact is very important to us. We will find him absolutely. Contact with a very famous detective continues. Good luck and have fun.
Dining Room Hidden Objects is free HTML5 hidden item game by Cengiz Turk. We are with a series of wonderful dining rooms. These rooms are very nicely decorated. The surroundings are colorful and spacious. Of course, the food at the table is delicious too. We will look for some objects among this delicious food. These objects are objects that disappear in the room as you guessed. Of course, by adding 10 starfish, we will add a different flavor to the game. Good luck and have fun.
Rocky Lake Camping is relaxing hidden object game by hidden4fun. This weekend she has chosen to go camping at the Rocky Lake. She has heard that it is a very beautiful place and the lake is amazing but she has never been there until now. However, this weekend is a great chance to see the lake and check out if it is really that wonderful. Have fun.
Visit to Owl Street is free hidden objects game by hidden4fun. Lisa is a middle aged woman who unfortunately had to face this fight, as well. She spent big part of her life living on Owl Street. The time she lived there she was in a relationship with Patrick. They loved each other very much and lived together for six years. But, love stories very often seem to be perfect when you see them with other people's eyes. Have fun.
Hiddentastic Mansion is cool html5 game by famobi. Your task in this game is to help Emma to collect money for the much-needed renovations. Find antiques, junk and other objects as fast as you can and sell them - the faster you are, the more money you will earn. Play through 5 exciting locations and make the old estate shine again!
Mountain Echoes is fun hidden objects game by hidden4fun. Group of visitors decide to go on the Hedrow mountain close to the small touristic village Barden. The Hedrow Mountain is very well known for its wonderful echo that the mountain itself creates. But, the echo is the best only on certain position of the mountain. Group of mountain lovers are heading into an adventure looking for the place where the best echo can be found. Have fun.
GingerFred Secret Numbers is free HTML5 hidden numbers game by Cengiz Turk. You know gingerbread cookies very well. In this game, we will find hidden numbers in the pictures of this laughter. A total of 20 hidden numbers are stored in the picture. These numbers are pretty well kept. Sometimes the same as the ground color, sometimes the same as the grass color. However, master players like you will find these numbers easily. Time is important and try not to make mistakes. Good luck and have fun.
Little Shop Of Treasures is new html5 hidden object game by famobi. Forget all what you know. This game will change your perspective. It is a game suitable for all devices. Your dream is to open your own shop here, but you can't decide what kind of business it is going to be. Have a look around and work in the town's stores.
Businessman Differences 2 is free HTML5 online differences game by Cengiz Turk. Are you ready to find 7 differences between two different pictures? You like this kind of games very much. This is the 2nd game in this game. You played the previous game with pleasure. It's colorful again, fun again. All you need to do is as simple as ever. Just focus on the differences. There are 5 sections in total. Time is important in this vote. In terms of points. Good luck and have fun.
The Princess And The Pea is online puzzle game by famobi. The Princess and the Pea". The charming prince wants to marry a true princess and you have to help him! Search for hidden objects and solve little puzzles as the story unfolds. Is the girl who shows up at the castle gates really the one? Good luck and have fun.
Occupations Hidden Objects is new HTML5 online hidden object game by Cengiz Turk. In this game, we are talking about professions. Sometimes we become a tailor, sometimes a stone master, sometimes a shoemaker. The total number of hidden objects we need to find is 10 in total. They have been stored in the picture quite well. However, master players can easily find. In a way, it's a mystical game. The items we need to find are written to the left of the screen. Good luck.
Deserted Railway is mystery hidden objects game by hidden4fun. The biggest railroad company has asked him to do an important job. He must go to a small village to deal with a railway situation. The village began to develop in a main trade center only 10 years ago. First, it was almost unknown place with little inhabitants, mosty farmers. Then, almost 10 years ago the railroad was constructed, connecting the big river with the main town to the north. Have fun.
Businessman Differences 1 is new HTML5 online differences game by Cengiz Turk. The subject of this game: businessmen. Our game prepared by html5 technology. Does not require flash player this game, can be played easily on all platforms. It consists of 5 different parts. You can see the best times on the home screen. The game has great graphics and easy gameplay. Enjoy.
Garden Search Hidden Object is free html5 hidden object game by Cengiz Turk. Welcome to our garden home. These houses are both very calm and peaceful. Our houses are just like that. There are living areas decorated in the garden. These areas are covered with too many objects. Some of them may be lost. We need you to find them. Experienced players like you will find these items and place them in their places. Without forgetting the time limit. Good luck and have fun.
Wooden House is html5 hidden object game by Cengiz Turk. Would you like to live in a wooden house? This wooden house is both peaceful and modern. But there are some oddities in this peaceful house. For example; some items disappear during the day. Sometimes it takes a long time to collect them. But an assistant like you does not leave me alone in the matter. What you need to do is pretty simple. Just find 10 lost objects and 10 lost keys. That's it. Have fun.
Detective Max is funny hidden objects game by hidden4fun. In this case Max is with you and both of you will be looking for some clues that will help catch the gang that operates in this neighborhood. There are 4 levels included in the game and in each one of them, there are 10 hidden objects that need to be found. A condition to move into the next level is to find all 10 items. Have fun.
15 Missing Letters is free hidden objects game by hidden4fun. In the following game it is about letters, missing letters. There are 15 letters in total and somehow they are lost in the rooms of the house and no one could find them. The task of this game is simple since it is about a regular hidden object game. Those 15 letters are somewhere in the rooms of the house and you should explore carefully each room, in order to find the missing letters. Have fun.
Hearts Full of Lies is mystic hidden objects game by hidden4fun. Those fellows spend the weekend together but unfortunately the single guy was found dead in the yard of the house. This happening was terrible and it shocked all friends. The police was called right away and the investigation will clear up some strange relations that existed between those friends. It seems that there was a love triangle between some of the couples and the single guy, one of the wives was cheating her husband with the single guy!
Traditional Differences is html5 spot the difference game by Cengiz Turk. These houses in the traditional house architecture are a work of art. Very colorful and charming. The city was built with them. Here we will try to find 7 differences between these pictures. These differences are hidden with great skill. However, fewer professional players can easily make these differences. It's a very enjoyable game to play. There are 4 sections in total. There is also a time limit. We have to hurry up and get a high score at the end of the game. Have fun.
Modern Mystery is html5 hidden object game by Cengiz Turk. We were alone in a modern house. There are different situations in this house. Sometimes the places of the items are changing and some of the objects are disappearing. We need to solve this mess. Make a list of the missing items we need to do. And to walk around the rooms one by one and search for lost objects. We need to find a total of 10 lost objects. We have limited time. We must hurry and put the goods in their places. Good luck and have fun.
Peaceful Place is html5 hidden object game by Cengiz Turk. Do you want to have a peaceful home? The interior decoration of the house we are looking for is very well designed. It's a very nice experience to live in this house. However, we have some problems. These problems are mainly: some objects inside the house have disappeared. These objects are important to us. But it is not easy to find them. Experienced gaming enthusiasts like you can come up to it. Good luck and have fun.
So Delicious is free html5 hidden object game by Cengiz Turk. Who can say no to a delicious meal. Variety of vegetables and fruits. These give the human life joy. But there is something odd about this. Some food on the dining table has disappeared. These are important foods for us. We should quickly search for them and proceed to the feast. Besides, we need to find 10 star figures. Those who play such hidden object finding games know; The important thing in this game is to use the time well. Good luck and have fun.
Yesterday's Mystery is html5 hidden object game by Cengiz Turk. You can not easily delete the traces of the past. But you can learn to live with him. Imagine a house. You grew up in that house and there are many memories for you in that house. These memories are just like yesterday. We started to remember some things that happened in the past. We are about to go on a time travel. This journey seems to us like yesterday. Old memories are refreshing and we have to find souvenirs. Good luck and have fun.
Turquoise House is remake HTML5 game by Cengiz Turk. And finally we came to the last game of the series. This series that you like to play is finally finished. We were looking for lost items in beautiful houses, which were composed of 6 game. It's the same again this time. We will find 7 different items and 7 coins soon. The game is not much, but it is ideal for those who want to have a good time. If you love our game you can give it 5 stars and you can recommend it to your loved ones.Good luck and have fun.
The Last House on the Street is mystery hidden objects game by hidden4fun. ur character is actually a very curious person, in a positive way, that likes to know everything. He has heard some rumors about the last house on the street, telling that the house is cursed and that's why no one enters there for so many years. That is some kind of an explanation but a strange one so our character decides to get into the house and finally see what is hiding there. Have fun.
Purple House is remake HTML5 game by Cengiz Turk. We are with the fifth game of your favorite series. As you know, this game is composed of 4 parts and it is very easy to play. Purple room is still quite messy. I'm getting used to this mess. Because all these houses are very scattered. Our mission starts here. We can find hidden items and collect the house. You can also get more points by finding 7 coins. When you need help, you can use the HELP button. You need to use the time well to get the highest score. Have fun.
Pet Foster is cute hidden objects game by hidden4fun. Jennifer is owner of the first pets adopting center in her town. She loves animals and simply couldn't stand anymore and watch animals unsheltered on the street. She takes care of the street animals in her center until the moment when their new owner comes around. This is not an easy work to do. Animals have big needs, just like small children. That's why Jennifer needs the help of our player in the adequate care of the animals. Have fun.
Merchant Ship is old hidden object game by Cengiz Turk. The merchant ship approached the shore. There is plenty of burden in it. The cabins, rooms, decks are filled with many materials. There are 4 sections in total. And we will look for lost maps within each episode. And finally we will collect the remaining goods of the sinking ship and bring it to the surface. These assets are highly valued. We need to hurry and deliver these goods to the owners. The game is also mobile compatible. Have fun.
Greengrocer is remake HTML5 game by Cengiz Turk. What happens most in a grocery store? Tastes varied and delicious. These vegetables and fruits are put on top. And we need to find some of these mixed objects. Of course, we may need to find some bonus items. So we will search a total of 20 objects. And we will play a total of 4 episodes. The game may seem complicated at first glance, but later on the game is pretty fun. Now all you have to do is play the game and do the mind exercise.
Yellow House is remake HTML5 game by Cengiz Turk. We're in a yellow house. This house is a 4-room house. Each room is beautiful apart. You ask why.? Because the rooms are colorful and warm. But we have a problem. Some of the stuff in the house has disappeared. We need to find these items that are important to the landlord and put them in their places. Another important matter was that 7 coins were lost in the house. We have to find them all at once. We wish everybody a lot of fun.
Employee of the Month is fun hidden objects game by hidden4fun. The potential best worker should know exactly where do the needed objects stand all the time and off course, to be ready to fulfill all the given obligations. This month our player has been chosen to be one of the potential winners of the award 'Worker of the month'. The owners Pamela and Russel together with the rest of the colleagues, start the testing of our player. Have fun.
Messy Bedroom is remake HTML5 game by Cengiz Turk. Here we are again in a room. This time we're in the bedroom. What should he do now? The thing to do is simple. We have 7 missing objects. These are very urgent. However, the rooms are very messy and we need to find these items as soon as possible. We should look around well. We can concentrate on the game at this point. We also need to remember 7 bonus objects. It's very important to them because they will all earn us points.
Useful Things is free HTML5 hidden object game by Cengiz Turk. We carry our house today. Some items were lost during this move. We have to look for these items, find them and hand them over to the owner. Of course it will not be easy. Because there are a lot of things, and it's hard to choose from them. In addition to this, there are 10 hidden shapes. In this way we will find a total of 20 objects and carry our house. It is a good match for both pc and mobile platforms. Have fun.
Variation Differences is free HTML5 difference game by Cengiz Turk. You all love your difference-finding games. In this vote we will try to find 7 differences between the two pictures. There is a feature of the game alone; The picture used in this game reminds me of four seasons. When the seasons are different, the objects we need to find are also different. This, of course, increases the taste of the game. On this count, you can play with pleasure. The game is similar to the four seasons and consists of four parts. Good luck.
Green House is remake HTML5 game by Cengiz Turk. We are again with a remake hidden object game. We know you love our previous games very much. You've played these games thousands of times. But with the developing technology, we had to make some changes. This time it was a game compatible with mobile. What you need to do again is obvious. You will find a total of 7 lost objects and 7 coins. The graphics are still quite colorful. The music is quite relaxing. This game is for you. Have fun.
Messy Kitchen is remake HTML5 game by Cengiz Turk. In this game we are looking for missing objects in a kitchen. We will find a total of 7 objects in this very attractive chart. But these objects are well hidden. But it's pretty easy for professional players like us. All we have to do is focus on the game we need and complete our mission. We will pay attention to this for the time being. Time is limited and we have to use this time well. We also need to find 7 bonus objects. I hope you like this game.
Dinosaur Land is mystery hidden objects game by hidden4fun. He and his collaborates started looking for big animals teeth and there was no doubt that the Iceland hides these good and big creatures of the Mesozoic Era. When they saw the first big footstep, they knew that their presumptions are right. Can you imagine what else they discovered on the Iceland that led them to the answer of the important question? Have fun.
NumberSign 3 free HTML5 puzzle game by Cengiz Turk. Do you want to search for hidden numbers in a very complex picture? Besides, this picture is very different. A total of 10 numbers and 10 hidden signs are waiting for us. Now what we need to do is simple: we will find the signs and hidden numbers. These signs can be traffic, fire, school, and trip signs. We must also use the time in the best possible way. Because we can get the highest score on this count. You can find other games of the series on our site. Good luck.
Blue House is remake HTML5 game by Cengiz Turk. This is our second favorite game series. It's a pretty entertaining game like the first. Our tasks are as follows: First we will find 7 missing items. These items have been hidden by craftsmanship. Not enough, there is more. We will also find 7 coins. This way we will get the most points. I need to use the time well. This way we can get the highest score. We have 4 different departments. These sections are quite entertaining. It is not a pleasant situation to have a house scattered.
The Chandlerville Maze is nice find objects game by hidden4fun. All the peasants are alarmed because in literally every home some valuable object is missing. They are suspecting in the citizens of the neighboring village, that they are the guilty people for the theft. They decide to live in a group and to look for their worthy objects. Our player is one of the inhabitants of the village that has left with less stuff, due to the sticky fingers of the bed guys, and that's why he is very eager to help for the hidden objects to be found.
zZz Hidden Objects is sweet HTML5 game by Cengiz Turk. Hello. This time we have a different game. You all like to sleep. Sleeping in a particularly beautiful bedroom is a distinct flavor. But we have a little problem. This bedroom is rather mixed and untidy. But we found a solution to this. We need to clean this bedroom quickly. We have to find 10 objects, 10 missing keys immediately. On this count, we clean the house. Have fun.
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