Hidden Objects Room 2 is easy but funny hidden object game by Gamesperk. It actually looks quite regularly. However, some items are missing. Explore the rooms by finding the hidden objects using your observing skills. Try to finish as fast as possible before the time runs out.
Night Heist is online hidden object game by HIDDEN4FUN. Now you are allowed and called as well, to take part in this police action. You could also enter the house and see what is missing. After that, you will start looking for the clues that will help solve the case and possibly find out who the robbers are.
Hidden Journalist is free online hidden game by android_developers. The journalist who investigated the secret government experiment has disappeared. His friend journalist Katherine must follow a trail of clues and riddles to uncover the truth behind the experiment and to find the hidden friend. Help her in this mysterious adventure! Good luck and have fun.
The objects will be displayed in a panel on the left. Your work is so simple, you need to find all the objects from the rooms within the time limit. If you are stuck in between the game, use the hint to find the objects. There are 10 levels to complete the game. Use your skill power to find the objects. Have a good game.
Vintage Dream is fuuny online hidden game by HIDDEN4FUN. The feeling of this meeting is amazing; it simply can't be expressed by words since it is something that makes those two ladies very, very happy. Mary visits her friend in her apartment and she finds herself very surprised that the place looks same as before 30 years!
Help your favourite overruled character crack the most cases by collecting all the evidence before the time runs out. Choose your character and location. Check out the list of objects at the bottom of the page. Find all the objects by clicking on them and be careful. Don't forget to check out the high score page to see who has won the most cases. Have a nice game.
CassandraCassandra's Journey: The Legacy of Nostradamus is a online no download hidden game by bigfishgames. My name is Violet Smith. My brother disappeared almost two weeks ago. The police can't help. I hope your magic gift could help me, Cassandra. Frankly speaking I'm just a beginner in such things but I promise that I will do whatever I can to help you in your search. Good luck and have fun.
Find The DifferencePenny The Pet Detective is a online detective game by GirlsGoGames. Penny must collect all the clues possible to solve this cake. Look at the list of items to find what you need. You may sometimes you have to collect items that are very similar to each other. The faster and more accurate you are, the more points you will score. Good luck and have fun.
Hidden Objects Colorful Room is cool hidden object game by G2R. What would you like to do today? A good game? Here is your game. In this colorful room game the objects are totally unplaced. So it's not easy to finding object. Can you find? Let's go. Avoid clicking unnecessarily as otherwise for every wrong clicks -20 seconds of your time will get reduced.
The Emperor's New Clothes is nice dressup type hidden object game by MARY. Once upon a time long, long ago, in a country far, far away from here. Lived an emperor who adored clothes. He was always busy trying on, and searching for new fashionable clothes. That's why he was always in his dressing room. Good luck.
A Family Reunion is new hidden object game by HIDDEN4FUN. Every year the Rogers family organizes this family reunion and for the last years this event takes place in Aunt Rosie's home. On those meetings all members of the family have a change to meet and talk about the things that have happened in their lives, the last year. Good luck.
Luna Room is another online hidden object game by games2dress. I would like to find lost toys in this messy room. Can you help me to find together? You need the find objects by their shapes. It isn't that easy, but fun. Good luck and have fun.
Hidden Watch is unlimited online object game by android_developers. Travel through Europe, examine the most ancient and the most beautiful clocks in the world to reveal the mystery and to find the precious treasure. Enjoy multiple beautiful scenes with lots of hidden items. Good luck and have fun.
Family Picnic is colorful findit game by mochi. The sun is shining and warming up the sky, the birds are singing their magical songs. such a perfect time for a family picnic! Get ready and make sure you’ll have everything you might need for enjoying this day to the max! Don’t leave anything behind, check your list and look for all the hidden objects, so that your day will run as smooth as possible. Have fun.
The Story of Marrakech is another hidden game by HIDDEN4FUN. In this game we will visit the wonderful streets of Morocco, including all those places. We will explore the streets and detect objects that are specific for this part of the world. It is about a typical hidden object game that includes thematic screens from Morocco.
A Trip to Mexico is new online hidden game by HIDDEN4FUN. One local tourist agency offers a range of trips on promotions and yes, Mexico is on that list, as a first choice for those friends. They will travel by bass which means that they will stop on many places, enjoying the wonderful sights and attractions on their way, but also hanging out with each other.
Hidden Restaurant is no download hidden object game by android_develppers. The small French family restaurant is under threat of closure: somebody brought mice, poisoned the milk and stole the signature dessert recipe. Help the main character to find the dishonest competitor and save the restaurant reputation. Find all the hidden objects in the 30 challenging and beautifully crafted locations.
Secret Story Hidden Objects is online picture search game by cutezee. She is very sad, because without it she can't create her powerful potions and spells. Can you find the lost magic items she needs to get her powers back? The items are hidden all around the magic woods and she needs help finding them. Start the exclusive game called Funny and help the great fairy.
Perfect Pizza is fun search objects game by Enjoydressup. Learn what ingredients you need and find them in the kitchen, grocery store and at the market... The first step is finding the ingredients for the pizza dough, which you can locate in the kitchen. You will need to search in the fridge and all the cupboards for water, flour, eggs, salt. Go the store for the second step, after you have found these five ingredients.
Four Seasons Painting is cool no download hidden object game by HIDDEN4FUN. Our artists this time decides to make a painting that will include all four seasons, some combination that could include all beauties into one, just like the piece of Vivaldi. However, this is not an easy job at all so he starts looking for the right landscapes that will be included into this painting. Have fun.
Hidden Objects Reception is easy but funny online seek and find game by G2R. Reception and its vicinity is quite messy. We need to collect this mess. Find the lost objects in this Reception room within the time duration to get high score. 20 seconds from your will be reduced for every wrong click.
Babyhood Days is adventure type hidden object game by netfreedomgames. Aubrey is an army soldier. After a long time he returned his parental home and very glad to memorize the childhood and teenage. So please help him to find some items to recollect his sweet memories. My parents past away, only lots of good memories are still in this house. Please help me to get my sweet memories back.
Doctor Detective is mobile base hidden object game by androidgames. Challenging free hidden object game that features spectacular graphics and delivers hour after hour of fun! Something strange happens in the hospital: the patients fall into a coma after anesthesia. The anesthesiologist is the main suspect of course but the case isn't as easy as it first seems. Help Dr. Laurence to detect the real offender.
Aquascapes is no download hidden object game by playrix. Explore the incredible seek-and-find underwater world of Aquascapes! Take care of your finned friends and play with them, watching as they interact with each other and you. Engage in unique hidden object gameplay as you earn money to customize your tank and make your pets happy. Good luck.
The Real Bigfoot is mystery online hidden object game by HIDDEN4FUN. The famous archaeologist David is a scientist too, but he has his own explanation of those events. He has been exploring the Amazonian rain forests for a certain period of time and he is quite sure that Bigfoot lives there, not in North America. You know this archaeologist from the games David's Redemption and Haligans...
Little Princess Playroom is girl hidden object game by Topgalgames. This little princess is quite bored up and hence, she wants to play and have fun with you. She is inviting you to play a hidden object game with her and she will hide certain objects in her playroom which you will have to find out in the given time. You can have two hints in each level. Good luck and have fun.
Fashionista is hidden objects for girls by Enjoydressup. Emma will looks great with your help in Fashionista Hidden Objects! She has four outfits in mind, that she wants to create and all the items she needs are so scattered. She really needs to find her favorite pair of purple boots, her amazing pink shirt and all those beautiful necklace with glitzy gems.
Antique Apartment is vintage find object game by Hidden4Fun. In the following game we will visit this kind of apartments, a lot of them. They are very expensive because almost every object there is very old and original and just because of that, its price is quite big. There are few apartments in classical style included here, so let's check them out and look for the objects that are hidden there.
Fanny's Packing Day is colorful hidden object game by Didigames. Fanny and her mom are going to Paris tomorrow. She is so excited about this trip because she will visit Disneyland! Now she has to pack her stuff immediately, could you give her a hand? Have fun.
Trailer House is new object game by Hidden4Fun. This is a story about one family that has decided to spend the rest of their life traveling with their trailer house. They lived in one place for so many years but they decided that it is time to make a difference in their lives and chose this way of living. They have been on numerous places with their trailer house and had many unusual moments.
The Pet Thief is new hidden game by Hidden4Fun. He starts by exploring the homes of the people whose animals are disappeared and he is trying to find certain relation between the happenings. He is collecting important evidences and tries to find the cause and effect relationships between them by comparing the evidences.
Holiday Room is new online hide and seek game by Games2Rule. It's the time to use your observing skills to discover the lost objects in this holiday room. Explore the lost objects in this vacation room within the time duration to get high score. 20 seconds from your will be reduced for every wrong click. Good luck and have fun.
Hidden Threats is new hidden object game by Android Game Developer. Get caught up in a thrilling new hidden object adventure with this awesome puzzle game. The mayor of a small town gets anonymous packages with hidden threats. Help him and police to find out who sends them. If you manage to find all the needed items and solve the mini puzzles in the game.
Precious Sophie is another lost objects game by Hidden4Fun. Well aside from Lassie, Sophie is one small and very cute dog that has also earned her great fame thanks' to its particular talent and intelligence. Owning to that, Sophie has starred in many Hollywood movies so now everyone knows about this adorable creature. And because of that, Sophie is very precious so there is a whole team that takes care of her.
10 Gnomes in Venice is another point and click game by Mateusz Skutnik. Find dwarf tucked into the corners in the black and white city. Use mouse to navigate tgrough pictures and find clickable areas and gnome hideouts. Find ten gnomes within ten minutes. Good luck and have fun.
Phantom of the Neighborhood is new hidden object game by Hidden4Fun. Detective Mark is in charge for this case and since he is very ambitious and prepared to do anything for his job, he is quite sure that he will manage to catch the phantom that spreads fear in this usually quiet neighborhood. Perhaps you are willing to take part in this case as well by helping detective Mark. Have fun.
Hidden Pointsman is online object game by Android Developer. Are you a master in finding hidden objects? Then this addictive and beautiful adventure game with a number of unique and picturesque scenes and romantic plot will fascinate you for sure. This mysterious story took place 50 years ago and changed the life of a boy who dreamed to be a locomotive driver.
Dream Land is online finding game by Bigfishgames. I have a dream. And I see a fiary flying to me. "Welcome to Dreamland" She said. I will guide you through this dream and lead you back to reality. I find my self fly out from this dream... and then, another place wait for me... I wonder how long I will stay in this dream... Good luck and have fun.
Late Night is new online hidden game by Hidden4Fun. After 15 years of marriage, the married couple Davis has to be set apart for a longer period of time. Helen's husband has to go on an official trip abroad next month and he will be there for a while. At first this sounded little bit scary and threatening for their relationship but once they thought about it.
Missing Chronicles is another missing items game by Hidden4Fun. Lagerfold's steps in order to find those chronicles. He starts a big tour through the American villages, at least through what is left from them, looking for the originals and he is prepared to pass miles and miles and explore every place in that region so he could find something that would be valuable for him as an scientists.
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