Useful Things is free HTML5 hidden object game by Cengiz Turk. We carry our house today. Some items were lost during this move. We have to look for these items, find them and hand them over to the owner. Of course it will not be easy. Because there are a lot of things, and it's hard to choose from them. In addition to this, there are 10 hidden shapes. In this way we will find a total of 20 objects and carry our house. It is a good match for both pc and mobile platforms. Have fun.
Variation Differences is free HTML5 difference game by Cengiz Turk. You all love your difference-finding games. In this vote we will try to find 7 differences between the two pictures. There is a feature of the game alone; The picture used in this game reminds me of four seasons. When the seasons are different, the objects we need to find are also different. This, of course, increases the taste of the game. On this count, you can play with pleasure. The game is similar to the four seasons and consists of four parts. Good luck.
Green House is remake HTML5 game by Cengiz Turk. We are again with a remake hidden object game. We know you love our previous games very much. You've played these games thousands of times. But with the developing technology, we had to make some changes. This time it was a game compatible with mobile. What you need to do again is obvious. You will find a total of 7 lost objects and 7 coins. The graphics are still quite colorful. The music is quite relaxing. This game is for you. Have fun.
Messy Kitchen is remake HTML5 game by Cengiz Turk. In this game we are looking for missing objects in a kitchen. We will find a total of 7 objects in this very attractive chart. But these objects are well hidden. But it's pretty easy for professional players like us. All we have to do is focus on the game we need and complete our mission. We will pay attention to this for the time being. Time is limited and we have to use this time well. We also need to find 7 bonus objects. I hope you like this game.
Dinosaur Land is mystery hidden objects game by hidden4fun. He and his collaborates started looking for big animals teeth and there was no doubt that the Iceland hides these good and big creatures of the Mesozoic Era. When they saw the first big footstep, they knew that their presumptions are right. Can you imagine what else they discovered on the Iceland that led them to the answer of the important question? Have fun.
NumberSign 3 free HTML5 puzzle game by Cengiz Turk. Do you want to search for hidden numbers in a very complex picture? Besides, this picture is very different. A total of 10 numbers and 10 hidden signs are waiting for us. Now what we need to do is simple: we will find the signs and hidden numbers. These signs can be traffic, fire, school, and trip signs. We must also use the time in the best possible way. Because we can get the highest score on this count. You can find other games of the series on our site. Good luck.
Blue House is remake HTML5 game by Cengiz Turk. This is our second favorite game series. It's a pretty entertaining game like the first. Our tasks are as follows: First we will find 7 missing items. These items have been hidden by craftsmanship. Not enough, there is more. We will also find 7 coins. This way we will get the most points. I need to use the time well. This way we can get the highest score. We have 4 different departments. These sections are quite entertaining. It is not a pleasant situation to have a house scattered.
The Chandlerville Maze is nice find objects game by hidden4fun. All the peasants are alarmed because in literally every home some valuable object is missing. They are suspecting in the citizens of the neighboring village, that they are the guilty people for the theft. They decide to live in a group and to look for their worthy objects. Our player is one of the inhabitants of the village that has left with less stuff, due to the sticky fingers of the bed guys, and that's why he is very eager to help for the hidden objects to be found.
zZz Hidden Objects is sweet HTML5 game by Cengiz Turk. Hello. This time we have a different game. You all like to sleep. Sleeping in a particularly beautiful bedroom is a distinct flavor. But we have a little problem. This bedroom is rather mixed and untidy. But we found a solution to this. We need to clean this bedroom quickly. We have to find 10 objects, 10 missing keys immediately. On this count, we clean the house. Have fun.
Hiddentastic Mansion is cool html5 game by famobi. Your task in this game is to help Emma to collect money for the much-needed renovations. Find antiques, junk and other objects as fast as you can and sell them - the faster you are, the more money you will earn. Play through 5 exciting locations and make the old estate shine again!
Red House is remake HTML5 game by Cengiz Turk. Our current game is a game that we all know well. Prepared again. With the latest technology (HTML5). You can find 7 hidden objects. You also need to find 7 coins. Our rooms are very colorful. It's quite eye-catching. But the missing items are a little too much. We must find them immediately and put them in their places. We can gather around without coming home. Beware the music is quite relaxing. Enjoy the red house. Do not forget to give points to our game. Have fun.
True Buyers is fun hidden game by hidden4fun. That is his biggest challenge because he thought that there isn't anything in the world that is not intended for someone and can't be sold but this house is changing his mind. The thing with this house is that it is very expensive house. It is like that because of the location and the amazing architecture of the place so sometimes Martin thinks that probably this house would be the only fail in his career. However, this morning someone called Martin, potential buyers of the house which was a quite big surprise.
Junior Hidden Objects is free HTML5 game by Cengiz Turk. The young room and contents in this house are very interesting. It is both colorful and appealing. But we have some problems. Some of the furniture has disappeared in the rooms. We have to find them quickly. In this way we can place items in the house. What we need to do is pretty simple. First we will find 10 missing items. Then we will find 10 missing keys. After all this, we will try to get the highest score. Do you always have fun together?
Little Shop Of Treasures is new html5 hidden object game by famobi. Forget all what you know. This game will change your perspective. It is a game suitable for all devices. Your dream is to open your own shop here, but you can't decide what kind of business it is going to be. Have a look around and work in the town's stores.
The Secret Residence is funny object game by hidden4fun. This morning the couple was driving through the forests of the west coast when they had a small accident and their appeared some defect on their vehicle. The Adams decided that it would be best if they continue walking and look for some help from the local citizens. They got deep into the forest when they say one wonderful luxury house. The Adams couple was very surprised when they realized that in this house lived the young princess Helen and this house is actually her secret residence.
Quiet House Hidden Objects is new HTML5 game by Cengiz Turk. Who does not want to have a quiet, calm and peaceful home. This house looks very calm from the outside but there are some problems. For example, the house is very scattered. The hosts are not interested in the house. That's why we will help them. But this help will be like this. We need to find some items. We must find them as soon as possible and build the house from the scattered. Good game to everyone.
My Spring Garden is cool hidden object game by hidden4fun. The following game concentrates on those activities. The action takes place in one wonderful flower garden that waits to be made even more beautiful and more colorful by planting some new flowers. Before the actual planting starts, it is time to prepare the terrain so it could accept the flowers and give amazing result. We'll be helping in this as well, by looking for the needed tools and objects for this action. Have fun.
Style Room Hidden Objects is free HTML5 game by Cengiz Turk. We are in a room with antiquities and antiques. There are so many things in this room that it is almost impossible to find them. Experienced players like us, however, can achieve this. Now let's examine the game. The game has 4 different levels. There are 10 missing items in each section. There are also 10 lost stars (bonus). We have to find the items that appear in the picture on the right. Time is very important to us. We must hurry and earn a lot of points.
Luxury Hidden Objects is new HTML5 game by Cengiz Turk. Imagine a room with great designs. This room is so spacious and elegant that people find serenity. But we have another goal. Our aim is to find lost items in the room. These things are well kept. It's easy for master players like us. All we need to do is find the objects that are given at the top. We have to hurry for this. Because there is time limit. We can also collect 10 points by finding 10 bonus stars. Good luck and have fun.
Kitchen Hidden Objects is free HTML5 game by Cengiz Turk. How beautiful are the game rooms. It is colorful and peaceful. It's also a lot of fun. For this reason, there are too many objects and toys in these rooms. Now what should we do? We see that some toys are missing. We should find these items as soon as possible and hand them over to their owners. But there is time limit. We must earn a lot of points quickly. Some smiley pictures will give us extra points. Good luck and have fun.
Kitchen Hidden Objects is new HTML5 game by Cengiz Turk. Dear friends, this game is a private game. We need to find some objects hidden in the kitchen. The first thing we need to do is to find the top objects. Then we'll find cookies as a bonus. We will earn more points on this count. The game consists of 4 episodes. There is also music to comfort you. You can also get help at the point you are trapped. Good luck and have fun.
Gathering Hidden Objects is free HTML5 game by Cengiz Turk. In this game we are in antique houses. The houses are very old. Some items are not in place. Or the locations have been changed. This is something we like. Because we like to find missing items. The first step is this: We will search for the above goods in the house. We also have the stars we need to find 10. These will earn us extra points. You can also play this game on the mobile platform. Good luck and have fun.
Precious Herbs is first hidden object game of 2017 by hidden4fun. It is good to know that there still are people that trust the nature and they return to it. They climb the mountains, look for hundreds and hundreds of plants that have such a power to cure diseases, different pains, one only needs to understand them. Sometimes the cure is for free, but one should know that. Modern people usually say, I am not ill to drink a tea. Off course, that can be a good joke, but in real life terms, it is better not to have this attitude toward what nature gives us.
Rooms Hidden Objects is new HTML5 game by Cengiz Turk. I guess everyone loves own home. The longing for one's house is another. That's our goal. In this beautiful game, there are a total of 10 objects. They are standing scattered around the house. We need to collect these scattered items. You can accomplish this by using the time fairly well. All you need to do is find objects on the right side. Good luck.
Westbrook Tower is free hidden object game by hidden4fun. That money can solve the life not only of you and your family, but the future generations as well. Today's main character in our game, Carla, starts a new mission. She needs to find 'Westbrook tower' because there is the place where a map her father has left a long time ago. Why is this map important for? Carla's father has notified correctly the place where their family heritage has been hidden. That is a cave and a place which is not so easily to access. Have fun.
Broadway Dream is new hidden object game by hidden4fun. lorence for example, is a young girl that lives in a small town that has only one small local theatre. Since she knows about herself, Florence loves acting and dreams that one day she will perform at the big scene in Broadway. This is probably a dream of many young girls but Florence takes this really serious. She spends so much time at the theatre and she feels it as her second home.Have fun.
Rooms Hidden Objects is new HTML5 hidden object game by Cengiz Turk. We are in different rooms. There are a lot of things in these rooms. Moreover, the decorations of the rooms are excellent. Now our task: some objects are lost and we will find those missing objects. In this case, there are things we need to look out for. Time is important to us. We must use the time well and find 10 objects immediately. We also need to find 10 bonus objects. We hope you will enjoy this game. Good luck.
Sea Gems is another fishing game by playcombo. Princess traveling by sea and lost her jewelry. You need to find her jewelry, which were scattered over a coral reef. The game has three levels. You have to find all gems that hidden on the coral reef. Collect all the hidden objects to win! You have a limited time for clicks. Collect the gems to get more clicks. Good luck and have fun.
The Enchanting Flower is free hidden object game by hidden4fun. Grace believes that the reason for this strange happening lies in the enchanting flower of the flower; she assumes that it has started its magic once again this period. Wanting to find out the right reason why this has happen, Grace bravely goes to meet the enchanted citizens of the village. She likes to meet those people and talk with them. Maybe this conversation could give her directions about the possible reasons why this has happen?
The Princess And The Pea is online puzzle game by famobi. The Princess and the Pea". The charming prince wants to marry a true princess and you have to help him! Search for hidden objects and solve little puzzles as the story unfolds. Is the girl who shows up at the castle gates really the one? Good luck and have fun.
The Old Goods is new hidden object game by hidden4fun. First of all he likes to place the objects in right order so it would be easier for the costumers while they are shopping. On the other hand, our task is to find all objects that Kenneth needs for the sale. He has them but he is not sure where could he find all of them. As we said before, there are a lot of antiques and valuable objects so Kenneth hopes for good earnings.
Farm House Party is new hidden object game by 123guys. Imagine a farm. This farm is yours. But there are some shortcomings. We must find these shortcomings. But our time is running out. Here's our job. We have to find all the objects here. All of a sudden. The pictures are colorful. These pictures give peace to man. We must search all the missing objects to pass the department. So let's get to work immediately. Good luck and have fun.
KuCeng: The Treasure Hunter is new HTML5 hidden object game by famobi. Help the adventurous catgirl find the items on the list and try to score as many points as possible. Use the magic fish to find objects when you're stuck and be quick - combos will give you additional points and time! Good luck and have fun.
Property Hidden Objects is new HTML5 hidden object game by Cengiz Turk. This is private property. But you can walk around here with permission. However, it is quite a nice place. You will enjoy. But we have some problems. Some of our belongings were lost. We must find them immediately. For this, we need to hurry. We have to find a total of 10 items. In addition, we also need to find the stars. Good luck.
Sunny Mansion is mystery hidden object game by hidden4fun. Namely, no one has been in the house for certain period of time so it needs some cleaning to make everything perfect. They are all prepared for the task so they don't like to spare their time just like that and they start cleaning right away. Perhaps they would need some help from you so are you willing to help and take a tour through this wonderful sunny mansion?
Leisure Room is new seek and find game by G2R. Do not underrate the leisure room. What are the treasures inside. We must search them. It should be tasteful quite. Not much time for that. We must hurry. We must thoroughly investigate surrounded. We find all objects that should go to the next level. Good luck and have fun.
Romance at the Farm is fun finding game by hidden4fun. Victoria has felt really alone without Jonathan. They have never been apart for that long so now she misses him a lot. However, this night Jonathan should come back from the long trip. Victoria likes to surprise him making him his favorite meal and taking care of the farm. She likes to make it look perfect, everything to be in the best order so Jonathan could feel wonderful in his home. Good luck and have fun.
Golden Rain is new hidden objects game by hidden4fun. She is a girl that really loves the nature and enjoys every natural phenomenon that could be seen. She is prepared to go somewhere, to travel, just to see something that is unique and beautiful. This time she has found out by her friend that in her native village that is located high in the mountains, once a year there is a natural phenomena happening. This phenomenon characterizes by unusual colors. Good luck and have fun.
Butterflies is funny objects game by hidden4fun. Our hero in the game for today is actually having such a butterfly trouble. She likes a boy very much, but she is a bit scared how it will all turn out.Terri Hamilton is having a crush on a boy. His name is Rick and he asked Terri out on a date. She feels so happy, excited and a little bit panicked. She now wants to get perfectly prepared, find the perfect clothes and make up in order to look perfect tonight. Good luck and Have fun.
Gardening Tips is new hidden object game by hidden4fun. They say people that grow plants, that work on the land, that agriculture land, are healthier, live longer, though they are very often tired from the digging and all the processes needed for something to be produced. For those who are interested in growing plants, they have felt the beauty of collected fruits and vegetables of own production, and their special taste and look. Have fun.
TV Studio Hidden Objects is new for mobile devices HTML5 hidden object game by Cengiz Turk. Have you ever been in the television studio? Do you wonder how a place? This game is for you. You ask why? We look at a TV studio, because in this game. We have some missing items. We need to find. But we are strangers here. Now we have to find our lost 10 goods. This game not only on PC, any time you can play with your mobile phone. Hope to see you in another game. Good luck.
Framed is new searching game by hidden4fun. Actually his colleagues have convicted him; there were even his fingerprints at the place of the crime scene. Timothy becomes aware that his colleagues are actually responsible for this farce; that they are also responsible for those false traces but since everything points at him including the fingerprints on his boss's safe deposit box, he decides that his only solution would be an escape! Have fun.
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