Kurisumasu Emono

Kurisumasu EmonoKurisumasu Emono is a online point and click game by Newgrounds. All you have to do, is to find a star by using your mind! There are 24 levels in the game. Good luck and have fun.

Original Walkthrough

Level 1: There are 5 energy bolts in the tree-balls. It's a little hard to explain wich one you should blow up. Click all of the tree-balls. Hint: Just click the green and the yellow ones!

Level 2: It's the last gift to right-side. Because, the gift you followed was the third from left. Then you must move 2 to right from that gift. And from that one, 4 to left. And now 5 to right. So it is the last gift!

Level 3: Shake the bottle up and down!

Level 4: Start from south-west. Then follow it to north. Then down to south-east. Now up to north-west. And to right, south. And at last down to south-west!

Level 5: Click the paper. There is a text. It tells you to multiple the clock with two. Recently the clock is 2.45, if you multiple it with two, it will become 5.30. Now click the safe. The code is 05 : 30. If you click on right-side in the code. It will give you a hint!

Level 6: Well, just eat the chocolate. How hard could it be?

Level 7: On you'r keyboard click: c, h, r, i, s, t, m, a, s

Level 8: Click the thing on the top of the screen. Till you get to the christmas section. Then click at the middle of the screen, a little up. Over the christmas text, there is a little dot!

Level 9: This is a little hard for Laptop's so I have made a jump over button. Click the white rectangle, then follow it till you've opened the whole banner!

Level 10: This level is too hard for being the 8th, so i've made a jump over button here. But if you dont want to click the button then follow these instructions:

1. Click the yellow light
2. Click the blue light
3. Click the yellow light
4. Click the green light
5. Click the red light

Level 11: There are four bricks. The top-left button, click once. The top-right, click twice. The bottom-left, click once. The bottom-right, click once. Then click the red goggles. Now, there are four circles at the corners. Click each of them 5 times. So that all of them points at the middle of the screen.

Level 12: Take the ice-cube. Then hold it over the fire. When the ball appears, and the ice completely goes. Take the ball away from the fire, or it will melt. Now rub the ball left and right in the wall over the fire. When the ball gets orange, take it over the fire.

Level 13: At the top-right of the screen, you see a yellow arrow. Click it. A box will appear, but it's locked. Now click the box again, so it closes! South-west, if you see a dot, click it. It's not you'r monitor :P. Now a tree-ball will appear. Click it's thread. It will burn. The rub the round locker under the thread, left and right. Then the tree-ball will open, activate it by clicking the green light. Now click the yellow arrow. This level is my favorite animated!

Level 14: Click the silver bar at the right side of the screen. Then on you'r keyboard, press: s, n, o ,w.
Now click the bar. The two lasers has been activated. There are two dots on each of the side of the lasers. On the orange laser, press the bottom-dot either on the left or the right side.

Level 15: Rub the line everywhere. Now there are black lines in it, click them all. Now click all of the circle buttons. Then click the line, so it closes. Then click it again after it closes!

Level 16: Click the top-left ruby 3 times. Then click the top-right ruby 3 times. Now click the bottom ruby 4 times. More circles will appear. Now click the top-left ruby 7 times. And also the top-right ruby 7 times. But the bottom ruby 6 times. Sticks will appear now. Click the top-left ruby 7 times. And the top-right ruby also 7 times. But the bottom ruby 4 times. If nothing happens, then there must be a problem with the script, so click the text.

Level 17: Rub the 5 text so they all become long lines

Level 18: WOW! A wide screen flat TV! WOW! Well at the edges of the tv there are buttons to remove the nails. It's hard to explain so you'll just have to look around. There are two at the top, two one the right side, two on the left side and two bottom. When you've opened it, open the silver box. Open it till it reaches the the end. Then click the star chip. If you want to choose another chip, then just do it. If you choose the sport chip, then click the on/off button. You'll see a football. If you want to go back to the chip chooser, just click the tv screen.

Level 19: You see the orange stripe. From the left side, follow it fast to the right. It's a little hard for Laptop's, but it will work!

Level 20: Take the mouse and move it in circles at the coin. Not where it stands the 1 and the 2 gifts. But outside. When you'r finished, it will remove and then on you'r key press the nummer, 2.

Level 21: At the top of the mirror, rub up and down. Till the mirror points up!

Level 22: This is a hard level. The third stick, move it 5 times. The second move it 20 times. And the first stick, 5 times. Hope you understood!

Level 23: The first line, point you'r mouse at the top of it, and then follow it to the bottom. Now when it removes, follow the next line from left to right. Do it a little fast! Then when it removes, click the bg!

Level 24: Click at the bottom of the screen. When the screen moves, you see a blue line at the bottom. At the right to the line, click! You'll see another orange line and a volcano. Rub the orange line/magma left and right till the volcano explodes. Then rub it again, and the volcano explodes again. Now for the last time, rub and the volcano will explode and the wall will fall.

I really hope you liked this game. But it's very hard. So for the easter game, i will make the levels easier and more fun for everyone!

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