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Control Room

We're in the security and control room of a building. Surroundings are security cameras, monitors, audio and video recording and listening devices, etc. there are many items. Our goal is to find the lost items in this high security room. But we have to find not only lost items, but also the letters of the word CONTROLROOM. In this way, we will be doing two things at once. There are 3 different modes in the game. Object, silhouette and text mode. We start the game by choosing one of these modes. If you find all the objects you can see your endgame score.

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About Online Hidden Object Games

The main purpose of this type of games is to find hidden objects in a place. These objects can sometimes be alphabets or numbers. It is preferred by many players mostly because it improves the mind. You can find many original games that we have developed ourselves on our site. Our site is constantly improving itself. You can find style games that you have never seen before. You can use our CONTACT US page for any comments and suggestions.

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