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Village Life

In this game, we will visit a village and experience the life in that village. This is a wonderful place with its lush nature. When it was time to leave the village, we realized that some of our belongings were missing. 20 in total. We must find them quickly and leave the village. However, since there are many houses, huts and barns in the village, we may sometimes have difficulty finding objects. We can get a clue for this too.

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About Hidden Object Games

The main purpose of this type of games is to find hidden objects in a place. These objects can sometimes be alphabets or numbers. It is preferred by many players mostly because it improves the mind. You can find many original games that we have developed ourselves on our site. Our site is constantly improving itself. You can find style games that you have never seen before. You can use our CONTACT US page for any comments and suggestions.

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